Turn a graphic into an embroidery pattern with free SewArt Image Wizard

by lazyembroidery

There are two ways to get an embroidery pattern from an image:

Lazy way: You can pay someone over $100 to turn your logo or graphic into an embroidery pattern,

Smart way:  Use SewArt to automatically transform an image into an embroidery design!

How to Turn a Graphic into an Embroidery Pattern (free!)

1. Download SewArt for Windows 32 bit / Windows 64 bit

2. Drag your source image (.jpg, .png, etc) into SewArt

3. Click the Image Wizard tool


4. Image Wizard screen 1: Reduce the number of colors (choose the number of colors you can without distorting your image)


5. Image Wizard screen 2: Reduce the number of colors again, this time with merge colors (again, choose the smallest number of colors you can get away with)

6. Image Wizard screen 3: Reduce the speckles, going down the list until you reach the lowest % option that still looks good

7. Image Wizard screen 4: Merge remaining “small percentage” colors. Start at the largest values and work your way down.

8. I do freehand cleanup with the paintbrush / eyedropper tool here. 


9. We’re almost done. Click “Stitch Image” button (sewing machine icon).


Leave “Auto-sew Color” checked. Click “Auto-sew Image” and choose “Sew all colors” from the dropdown menu that appears.



10. Remove white background from your design: left-click the white color square(s) in the Stitch Mode list on the right and choose “Delete” for each one.

Your design now looks like this.


11. Go to File > Save and save your design as a .bmp (first Save As dialog) and .pes or whichever filetype is appropriate for your embroidery machine (second Save As dialog)


12. You can adjust the actual size your design will stitch out at in the save-as dialog.


The steps for digitizing an embroidery design are demonstrated here by MrJayBush in his excellent video tutorial: